BF-Bushcraft Show #35

Episode #35 of the Barefoot Bushcraft Radio Show Featuring Explorer Jill Heinerth Discussed in this episode are: – Teen rescued from Lake Simcoe – Home Remedies for the Flu and Colds [Click Here To Download Episode] Play in new window | Download

Downtown Welland Dive 106

Sunday, July 29 – 2007 15:00 – 16:30 Dive Number 106 Start: 14:30 Roads: Dry / clear Visibility: 24km Temp: +25C Water Temp: +20C Area: East Main Street Bridge, Welland Vehicle: Chuck’s Black Sunfire Weather: Sunny / Clear Visibility: 4m Divers: Wolf, Chuck Maximum Depth: 2m Shore Crew: Tori, Christine Plan: Exploration As we were […]

BF-Bushcraft Show Se1 E13

    In this episode of the Barefoot Bushcraft Radio show we discuss some of Extreme Weather in  Canada, review methods to create a Firestarting Kit, and speak to our Special Guest: Eric Brown, Canadian Arctic Explorer & Traveler [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD EPISODE] Play in new window | Download

First Queenston Mine Visit of 2008

Saturday, May 03 – 2008 12:00 – 17:00 Start: 12:15 Roads: Damp from rain Visibility: 12km Temp: +17C Area: Queenston, Ontario Vehicle: Black Sunfire Weather: Overcast Trail Conditions: Slightly Damp Hikers: Chuck, Wolf, Morgana Plan: See The Queenston Caves 12:00 We arrived at the small parking lot in the rain, and geared up. I wore […]