Short Niagara Gorge Hike 200803-21

Friday, March 21 – 2008 14:00 – 16:32 Start: 14:00 Roads: Ice Patches Visibility: 24km Temp: -1C Area: Niagara Gorge Vehicle: GMC Suburban Weather: Bright & Sunny, windy Trail Conditions: loose Snow and ice Hikers: Tori, Wolf, Brian Plan: Brian wants to see the waterfall GPS: 43.1542 x -79.0455 14:00 Arrive & park in Queenston. […]

Bruce Trail Hike December 25, 2006

Monday, December 25 – 2006 09:45 – 13:00 Roads: Dry / Clear Visbility: 24km Temp: 12C Area: Niagara Vehicle: Suburban REBMA Weather: Overcast Trail Conditions: wet / muddy Hikers: Wolf, Tori, Merlin, Morgana, Lupis Plan: Pick up where we left off at the last hike. Walk up-hill on four mile creek road and cross towards […]

Make Bush Hat Waterproof

  Make Your Bush Hat Waterproof For centuries mankind has struggled with keeping clothes and equipment dry. From ancient sea farers to Canadian voyeurs and backwoodsman – keeping dry has been a problem. One solution that was created is to add wax and oils to canvas clothing to make them water repellant. This article will […]

Creating a Burn Bowl

The Burn bowl is a simple, primitive tool with many great uses! The Burn The Burn bowl is created using the following tools Piece of Wood Fire Straight Knife Crooked Knife Shovel to retrieve coals (optional)