Short Hike at Short Hills 200803-09

Sunday, March 09 – 2008 11:00 – 14:15 Start: 11:10 Roads: snow covered Visibility: 24km Temp: -3C Area: Rockway Falls Vehicle: Black Sunfire Weather: Bright & Sunny, no wind Trail Conditions: Deep Snow Covered with ice Hikers: Tori, Wolf, Chuck, Merlin, Morgana Plan: Hike the blue Number 4 trail. GPS: 49.1053 x -79.2809 We were […]

Nexus Cave Adventure

Nexus Cave Adventure August 22nd and 23rd, 2009 Caves have always held a certain mystique for me. The dark, foreboding, hidden underworld of unseen depths and danger have always called out to me. Living in Southern Ontario Canada, there isn’t much opportunity for caving in our area except for some small, short “belly crawl” caves […]

Seaway Hike, December 31, 2006

Sunday, December 31 – 2006 11:50 – Roads: Ice Patches Visibility: 24km Temp: +2 Area: Niagara Vehicles: Blue Suburban REBMA Weather: Mostly Cloudy Trail Conditions: Hikers: Wolf, Tori, Brian, Merlin, Morgana, Lupis Plan: Hike section of the trail from km 9.6 along concession 6 to km 16 at wood-end 11:50 Arrived at conc. 6 to […]

Underwater Exploration #102

    Sunday, July 08 – 2007 10:00 – 11:30 Dive Number 102 Start: 09:30 Roads: Dry / clear Visibility: 24km Temp: +25C Area: East Main Street bridge Vehicle: Suburban Weather: Sunny / Clear Visibility: 3m Divers: Wolf, Chuck Shore Crew: Lise, Tori Plan: Explore the East Main Street Canal Area Chuck arrived a little […]