Bushcraft Survival Knife Sheath Modification

Wolfmaan shows simple modifications to a hard-sheathed survival knife to enable it to hold survival equipment such as fire steel, and paracord. This technique allows a hard-sheathed knife to be compatible with MOLLE strapping.     Materials Used: Ka-Bar Tanto Knife with hard sheath   Condor Gadget Pouch Paracord Article Tags: Airforce, Army, Bear, Bear […]

Drive-In Tomfoolery

Owning an antique vehicle is not without its challenges. Many of these challenges are often presented with much hilarity, especially in retrospect. My 1957 M606 Willys military Jeep is no exception to this. I am often smack in the middle of some hilarious adventure mostly due to its age, simple construction, and quirkiness. Everything you […]

Archery Lessons – Sunday April 20 – 2014

ARCHERY LESSONS IN NIAGARA Wolfmaan, in association with the Ontario Bushcraft Club presents a day of archery! Join Us the Ontario Bushcraft Club for a fun and exciting day learning the ancient art of Archery and slingshot use! We are offering professional archery and slingshot lessons at an outdoor range. Lessons are for anyone aged […]

Shout out to Chuck R

I’m here today in the beautiful Canadian Wilderness. I want to give a shout-out to my man Chuck. Here is his YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/shorthillspark Check him out. He doesn’t have too many uploads, but he does have a lot of great favorites, some of which I’m sure will make you laugh. Chuck and I have […]