ITTV Show Interview

Wolfmaan, Canada’s up and coming Adventurer, Travel Video, Producer and Travel Writer shares his story about where his passion for educating the public about the multitude of majestic natural places in their own back yard began. Wolf walked the 1000 km Bruce Trail barefoot and during this journey discovered what I believe many of us […]

Birthday Dive! Celebrating 100 Logged dives!!

Monday, May 21 – 2007 13:00 – 14:30 Start: 13:00 Roads: Dry / Clear Surface Visibility: 24km Visibility at depth: 30m Temp (air): +23C Temp (at depth): +10C Location: East Main Street Bridge, Welland Vehicle: Suburban Weather: Bright and Sunny Water Conditions: Calm Divers: Tori & Wolf Plan: Birthday Dive for Wolf – Dive #100! […]

Drive-In Tomfoolery

Owning an antique vehicle is not without its challenges. Many of these challenges are often presented with much hilarity, especially in retrospect. My 1957 M606 Willys military Jeep is no exception to this. I am often smack in the middle of some hilarious adventure mostly due to its age, simple construction, and quirkiness. Everything you […]

Luka 2002 – 2014

It was a cool October in 2008. I had recently lost my very first dog, Lupis whom I had for almost half my  life. The day I went to pick up the cremated remains of my beloved Lupis, I had this sudden urge to go and visit the local Humane Society. The same Humane Society […]