Crotch Lake Excursion 200806-14

Saturday, June 14 – 2008 07:30 – 22:00 Start: 09:00 Roads: Dry / Clear Visibility: 24km Temp: +20C Area: Crotch Lake, Ontario Vehicle: Old Blue Camp Van Weather: Overcast, Light rain Trail Conditions: Damp from rain Hikers: Wolf & camp waterfront staff Plan: Get to site 19 on Crotch Lake. GPS: 44 55.76N by 76 […]

Black Label Stone Cold Tanto Cord Review

Black Label Stone Cold Tanto Cord by Wolfmaan With over a half century of knife making expertise, Browning knives have become well loved by people around the world. Browning knives are built for hard use. Browning knives have become a big part of the outdoors. From skinning and dressing game, to tactical and combat knives […]

Knife Sharpening

In September 2014 I had the privilege of being published in Family Camping and Canoe Roots Magazine. The article was about knife sharpening.      

First Queenston Mine Visit of 2008

Saturday, May 03 – 2008 12:00 – 17:00 Start: 12:15 Roads: Damp from rain Visibility: 12km Temp: +17C Area: Queenston, Ontario Vehicle: Black Sunfire Weather: Overcast Trail Conditions: Slightly Damp Hikers: Chuck, Wolf, Morgana Plan: See The Queenston Caves 12:00 We arrived at the small parking lot in the rain, and geared up. I wore […]