Lake Ontario Dive Number 131 200806-07

Saturday, June 07 – 2008 10:56 – 12:08 Dive Number 131 Start: 10:00 Roads: Dry / clear Visibility: 24km Temp: +32C Water Temp: +15C Area: Fort Mississauga Golf Course Vehicle: Black Sunfire Weather: Overcast Visibility: 3m Divers: Wolf & Chuck Maximum Depth: 2m Plan: Go Left We arrived at the small parking lot near the […]

H.M. Dignam Land Expedition 2012

  In Early March 2012, a bunch of people I know decided to purchase a small parcel of land from a company called the H.M. Dignam Corporation in Barrie, Ontario. After a few weeks of planning, a few of those people and I decided to make the trek from Niagara Falls to Apsley, Ontario (a […]

Website Re-Design!

February 10, 2011 Wolfmaan Leader Footage from Wolfmaan on Vimeo.  It seems around this time each year, I get a bit of cabin fever and decide to re-vamp my website. This year the changes are a bit more extreme. I have decided to move away from blogger no-charge hosting which I have used since 2006 […]

Cold Water Dive 124

Sunday, November 04 – 2007 11:15 – 12:36 Dive Number 124 Start: 11:00 Roads: Dry / clear Visibility: 24km Temp: +12C Water Temp: +8C Area: East Main Street Bridge, Welland, Ontario Vehicle: Gold Chevy Cobolt AYTK-941 Weather: Mostly Cloudy Visibility: 10m Divers: Wolf, Chuck Dive Wench(es): Tori, Thomas Maximum Depth: 10m Plan: Cold Water Dive […]