ESS Advancer Goggles

ESS Goggles Advancer V12 As an adventurer, I end up in some strange places. Inside caves, up mountains, even along cliff faces. Not to mention long-distance trekking such as the Bruce Trail. A frequent topic of interest in outdoor equipment is always eyewear. Although there are various schools of thought in eyewear, I would like […]

BF-Bushcraft Show Sept. 14, 2013

Barefoot Bushcraft Show September 14, 2013 On this episode of the Barefoot Bushcraft Radio Show, Wolfmaan and co-host A.D. Venture discuss: The importance of the “Summer Camp” experience for children, Arctic coast guard helicopter crash kills 3, “End of Season” Gear Maintenance (Part II) [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD EPISODE 20]  

Canadian Geographic: Barefoot Hiking

SUBCULTURE Barefoot hiking Barefoot hikers get in touch with the land, but can they climb a mountain? By Scott BerdahlEIGHT HUNDRED METRES off the valley floor, blades of rock jut out from the mountainside. A cold wind whips across the ridge, but the ground itself is warm in the evening sunlight. Two dozen Dall sheep […]

Making An Axe Sheath using a Tin Can

Ed from Niagara Bushcrafters presents this simple axe sheath is designed to be made with just a few simple tools. These tools include: Scissors Electrical Tape Tin Coffee Can bottom Jute twine or paracord Bicycle inner-tube Awl or punch To start the process, ensure that your tin can bottom is at least the size of […]